What are the lost opportunity costs if you currently sell by mail order, phone or fax? A shop on the internet is an ideal way of targeting a global market...24/7 and 365 days a year. Credit card details can be handled securely on line through your Web site reducing your book to bill cycle down to seconds.
ITpublisher offers the following full features in the construction of a shopping cart. More options are available upon request.
  • Product Displays
  Add, edit, and delete products, categories, subcategories. Upload product images. Hyperlinks to extended description pages, images, thumbnails. Product reviews with summary of average review.
  • Customer Features
  Browse or use extensive search facilities to find products, receive a printable detailed order form and an e-mail confirmation. View previous orders, restore previous orders, Login, send and receive order tracking messages, provide individual delivery address per product, Join a mailing list without shopping, Change address and password details, Buy and use gift certificates, Use discount coupons, Pay with credit cards, without credit cards, Paypal or selected electronic gateway.
  • Taxes
  Taxes automatically configured via a browser for state, province, country. Special tax routines handle European VAT, company VAT exemptions. US tax by state, by country, by product. Handling fees can be added separate from taxes or shipping. Special Canadian tax supplied as an add-on.
  • Mailings
  E-Mail- automatic emails to the customer and merchant on order completion. Create a mailing to receive confirmations with different templates. Additional mailing to affiliates, suppliers, on buying a gift certificate, tell a friend, on product review, customer contact and more. Bulk mailing to customers in the back end as text, HTML or mail merge.
  • Shipping
  Over ten shipping methods including free UPS real-time and database lookups, free FedEx database lookup, Free real-time Australia Post and free real-time Canada Post, free UPS database lookup. Plus standard quantity, weight, weight range, price, price range and no shipping.
  • Security
  The shopping cart has implemented strict security to protect your site and customer information. Database security, administration security, SSL and shared SSL supported. Multiple administrators with different privileges.
  • Stock Control
  Remove stock from display or display out of stock message. Decrement on purchase.
  • Currency
  The shopping cart can be used with virtually any currency.
  • Shop Types
  Closed shop with only pre-registered customers allowed in. Totally open shop or mixed environments..
  • Gift Certificates
  Gift certificates - buy and redeem. Gift certificates can be reused until amount is used up.
  • Product Delivery
  Automatic attachment of files on order completion. automatic generation of download hyperlinks on order completion. Delivery of keys or Pin Numbers on order completion.
  • Payments
  Credit cards, non-credit cards or no payment at all. Multiple payment methods can be supported in the same shop.
  • Order Tracking
  Customer and merchant can communicate through e-mail and logged time stamped messages. Back office can communicate on the same order with messages hidden from the customer.
  • Back Office Reports
  Extensive back office reports: sales reports, stock reports, product reports, affiliate reports, search reports, supplier reports, login reports.
  • Back Office Maintenance
  Change anything at any time via your browser or bulk loading for offline maintenance. Edit, add or delete any record while shop is running. All changes are instantaneously reflected. Bulk import product changes or use supplied browser mass update.
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